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by admin on March 12th, 2017
set the theme of stack 1 to "dark"
set the theme of stack "Home" to default

The “theme” property of a stack determines whether an additional variation of its looks (beyond that dictated by its style) should be applied. Currently, the only themes Stacksmith offers on MacOS are “default” and “dark”.

“default” is the appearance the current operating system would use for a window with this style.

“dark” is a modified appearance that allows for white text and provides a black (or near-black) background. On MacOS, this is equivalent to the system’s “dark mode” that you can set in System Preferences (“NSAppearanceNameVibrantDark” for programmers), and will also affect the appearance of “standard”, “default”, “check box”, “radio button” and “popup” style buttons and text fields.

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