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space concatenation operator (&&)

by admin on March 12th, 2017
put card field "User Name" && "is awesome!" into card field "Compliment"

The && operator can be used to concatenate one or more values into a longer one, with a space in between them. In the above example, if the field “User Name” contained “Anup Murarka”, the field “Compliment” would contain the text “Anup Murarka is awesome!”.

If you do not want a space between the left argument of the && operator and its right argument (yielding “Anum Murarkais awesome!” instead), use the & operator instead.

The && operator is a shorthand notation, and the same code could written using the & operator the following way:

put card field "User Name" & " is awesome!" into card field "Compliment"

(note the extra space before “is” in “is awesome!”) or, more generally,

put card field "User Name" & " " & "is awesome!" into card field "Compliment"

where & " " & can be substituted with &&.

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